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Ofertas de voluntariado

1 mes de voluntariado (EVS short term)

Dónde: Mûgla (Turquía)

Fechas: 7.05.2013 – 7.06.2013

Fecha límite:  23 de enero

Objetivo: ayudar en un festival de juventud que se celebra cada año. Link.

Procedimiento: mandar un mail a con tu CV en formato Europass en inglés y Carta de Motivación (en inglés) en archivos adjuntos, haciendo referencia al proyecto “Feel the Festival”, al siguiente email: (Mónika) con copia a, diciendo que venís de AEGEE-León como “Sending Organization EI 2012- ES-104”.

“Engagement of EaP youth into civil society”

Fechas: 26.08.2013-6.09 2013

Dónde: Polonia, Bielorrusia, Ucrania y Moldavia.

Fecha límite: 1 febrero.

Procedimiento: Hay que rellenar el documento adjunto y mandárselo a Luego nos contestarán si estamos elegidos y nos pedirán rellenar el acuerdo preliminar. Letter of Intent partners(1)

Info: the Eastern Partnership project of AEGEE-Europe is seeking for EU partners for YiA 3.1.Cooperation with the Neighbouring Partner Countries of the European Union with the deadline of 1st February. The project will take place during *26 August-6 September in 4 countries such as Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.* We will organise a 2-weeks bus ride with the aim to enhance the involvement of the EaP youth in the society and also to promote the regional cooperation among the EaP countries. We will therefore bring together youth from EU and EaP countries, who will attend different conferences, panel discussions, workshops with the help of our partner organizations from the cities we will visit. Main topics will be about enhancement the capacity of NGOs, democratic transformation in EaP countries and public policy for civil society sector. During our bus ride we will gather interviews of locals and making film. If you are interested, please, contact us ASAP on

Europe-Opportunity for all Citizens (training course)

Dónde: Rezekne (Letonia)

Fechas: 09/09/2013-14/09/2013

Fecha límite para solicitarlo: 20 de enero

Procedimiento: mail a con el asunto: “4.3 “Europe-Opportunity for all Citizens”- después te mandarán la documentación necesaria para firmar.

Info: Training course for youth workers and youth leaders from EU countries. The main aim of this training course is to improve young peoples’ competences and their personal and professional skills by non-formal education in order to give them better opportunity to find job and become desirable employee trough mutual understanding of European and national labor market trends. The main focus will be on opportunities that young people have as European Citizens, what it practically means (speaking about different programs) and how they can be linked to employment policy in order to increase employability among youth.


PEACE EDUCATION Communication Conflict management and active Citizenship (training course)

Dónde: Florencia, Italia

Fechas: 01-07.07.2013

Fechas límite: 21 de enero

Info: The project aims to develop communication and conflict management skills of young peace multipliers and to increase their awareness on active citizenship and intercultural dialogue when working in multicultural contexts. The training is also designed to underline the experiential learning approach as a viable tool for peace-education: the participants, by taking part in several simulations and group dynamics, will work on decision making process and conflict transformation, analyzing attitude, behaviors and the emotional aspects of the interpersonal relations. Through a cooperative approach, the training will give to practitioners a better understanding of the complexities of a conflict and will underline the importance of the communication competences, expanding in this way the mutual understanding. As outcome, the participants will get new approaches and tools based of the “3C of peace” to concretely act for the promotion of human rights and to effectively foster a more peaceful coexistence among conflicting actors in their local context.

Procedimiento y más info en la web.


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