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we help you in your first days in León

(Versión en español)

Due to the massive arrival of new international students that are coming soon, we are going to try to solve, somehow, all your raising doubts on housing. As a student coming from another city I hope you can find this helpful.

Firstly, I will underline albergues (kind of hostel)…Where to stay after your arrival if you have not found any room or flat yet? The first option and the best in economical terms is the youth hostel in León (Albergue Juvenil), oftenly used by ERASMUS students like you or pilgrims on their way to Santiago (St. James’ way). You can opt for a full service cheaply. You can find the link below:

If you are somewhat posh (no offenses LOL), there are also hostels for a very good price. You can have a look at them in websites such as   . Over there you can compare prices and rent your room. But as I have mentioned before, these are just some short-term solutions…what you might be interested in is coming now.

In León you can choose between living in a dorm and sharing a flat. The first option, since you do not know anyone here, is always something unforgettable. You can find the different dorms (contact info included) all over the city in the following link: Among all of them, the best one in terms of money might be Emilio Hurtado, next to the campus. It is basically small flats with a shared kitchen for three or four students. Most of my friends, who have spent some time there, remember it as a lovely stay. There is always someone who you can watch a film with, have a pleasant talk or partying.

On the link above, you can find el programa vivienda. By clicking on the image you will see a list with flats ready to be rented as well as their respective information. These flats are ordered by neighbourhoods. To be honest, I would say that from my point of view the best location to live in León are La Palomera and El Ejido, close to the University and the nightlife area. Sharing a flat in León is quite ordinary and so you should not have any problem in order to get one quickly. In addition, I would add that you could find a good place for 220 € a month (costs included). If you are asked for more than 250 €, start distrusting. It is likely to find a better relation quality/price.

Another site to have a look at, and where I found two of the places I have lived in is , a permanent refreshed website. You will be able to see new offers every day.

There are always more alternatives such as contacting the former ERASMUS students, boards at the faculties, Facebook…I hope this information has been helpful and, of course, if you have any further question you can contact AEGEE – León ( We will be pleased to make it easier for you


Ruth San José Blasco  /translation by Fernando Chico


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