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Where can I live in León?

Spanish version:


Hello dear Erasmus and International Students, your time in León is coming and from AEGEE-León we would like to explain to you how could you live in León.

First of all, it is important that you keep in mind that the University of Leon has a Padrino program, thanks of whom a student from the University should help you to live in this city, and one of their tasks is to help you to find a place to live in here, don’t hesitate in contact him.

When you get to León, if you want to live in a flat, it is VERY advisable, to have a look to the flat before living in there, so you can see in first person if it’s good enough for you.

That’s why, I would recommend you yo stay in an albergue or student residence for 3 days, so you can have time to see some flats and choose the best one for you.

If you like this option (to have a look in some flats before bookit) you can opt for:

Albergues. The cheapest option , you can have a look in this link: albergues .aspx

Hostales, a bit more expensive:
In any case, to LIVE in León, you have this options.

Residencias universitarias:

Residencia universitaria Emilio Hurtado:

(245 euros/month+expenses in water and heating) in the university.

Others, (On the link you have the phone  and info in here):


Another program of the university is the  programa vivienda. You can click in here to have a look in different flats of León. They are ordered by neighbours,

The best places to live if you are a student of the University are La Palomera, El Ejido, San Mamés o La Serna, (close to the university and the party, it depends on where, but 10 min walking from each one)

To share a flat in León is pretty common and is not hard to find one.

Here you can have a link to some flats: , it’s updated frequently.

Normally the owner of the flat will ask for a deposit money that you have to give in case you break something or leave without noticing) BE AWARE. If you dont have a contract, the owner may keep the deposit and you cannot claim it.

There are more ways to find a flat, there are advertisements in the street, in the university, on facebook…

If you have any doubt, you have us, (AEGEE-León) to help you as well in the following links:

Mucha suerte y bienvenidos a nuestra ciudad.

Marcos M.

15355963_10154305110889247_1267522779_n (1).jpg

AEGEE-León wishes you an happy stay in our city


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